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Notes from the President

Notes from the President

Greetings, All! On behalf of myself and the rest of the board, we want to thank you for your participation in the recent annual meeting. At that meeting, Rikke Dierssen-Morice highlighted our events from the past year, including our successes, challenges, and organizational vision going forward. We also had a review of the Danish American Center (DAC) financial status and an election of new officers to the board. These new officers include Poul Bertelsen, Scott Thomsen, and myself. 

After the Annual Meeting concluded, Rikke and Mike Fredrick chose to vacate their positions on the DAC Board of Directors. Rikke and Mike both had two years remaining on their terms for the board. Following the meeting established protocol of the DAC bylaws, the board has appointed two new members to take their seats: Karma Walker and EJ Gurley. We are grateful to both departing board members and members for their contributions to the DAC.

Mike had not been a member of the board for a long time, but while he was our financial situation, and he provided analysis and information about how we can strengthen our balance sheets and operate from a position of financial strength. a publication of the Danish American Center. Rikke has contributed a great deal over the years. Before she was President of the Board, she was instrumental in the merger of the DAC with the former DAF, providing advice and legal counsel as the organizations merged. She consulted during the development and construction of the Atrium in 2005, and while President, she championed the Tivoli Lounge project. She also initiated many improvements to our day-to-day administrative function of the DAC; among these was the effort to modernize our bookkeeping systems, move away from cash transactions, and invest in improvements to our online presence. We are grateful for the contributions of Rikke and Mike, and we thank them for their service to this organization.

There are many challenges ahead of this organization, and the board and executive committee are approaching these challenges thoughtfully. As has been noted in previous newsletters, we are continuing discussions with the City of Minneapolis regarding our licensing and host licensing. We are also reviewing staffing plans for the future and developing a strategic plan for the DAC. We will soon be celebrating the 100th year of the DAC. There will be some challenges and changes ahead, but change can also bring exciting opportunities. I am grateful for your support of the DAC.
Peter Gantriis 

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